When intention = decision

It's here. It's now.
It’s here. It’s now.

2013. We’re here. It’s another new year and a time to reflect. Not on what we haven’t done or intended to do over the last twelve months, but on what we will do. And that doesn’t mean setting unreasonable goals—the ones that will guarantee failure. It means singling out one major undertaking and focussing on how to engineer its success.

Over the years, the one constant with both book coaching and ghost-writing clients is the surge in good intent at this time of year. However, that urge to write, or have work written, is sometimes swamped by the overwhelming pressure of other ‘noisier’ resolutions on the New Year to-do list: giving up smoking, going on that perennial diet, signing up at the gym, and much, much more.

Is this the year of your book?
Is this the year of your book?

Writing, or having your words written for you, cannot remain just an intention. Both undertakings require serious input, either in writing or in time spent meeting, talking and resolving. But the first step is commitment; taking your intention and turning it a decision. Believe it or not, the rest is a whole lot easier.

Are you ready to make 2013 the year of your book?

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