Testimonials for Michael Collins Memoirs

Some of the books I can tell you about

Of course, everything I write for you remains entirely between us. However, the following clients are happy to have testimonials appear here.

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Kate Swann and Kristina Mamrot

“We talked to Michael Collins as a ghost writer about this great book idea we had and then he met with us weekly to inject confidence, crack the whip, provide technical know-how, and sort Kristina out when she was frightened of swearing in print. Michael sat down with us and helped us structure and plot out our book. Then, he sorted out some of our warped publishing and publicity ideas, put us on to the best editor in the country, and continued to touch base with supportive murmurings and brow stroking.”

Kate Swann and Kristina Mamrot Authors of Do You Really Want To Lose Weight? and The Ultimate Guide to Training Overweight and Obese Clients. March 4, 2016

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Blood on the Wire

Carolyn Wilkinson’s roller-coaster read, Blood on the Wire, is the fascinating account of two people’s lives colliding, one a convicted murderer facing a lifetime behind bars, and the other a woman, an astrologer, who became deeply affected by the prison system and legal injustice.

‘Writing a book—any book, is a huge undertaking. I’d wanted to write this one for some time and, until I contacted Michael, I found myself stuck at the starting post.

‘Michael was able to encapsulate the true essence of a huge manhunt and the adrenalin pumping action of the Northern Territory’s biggest escape story ever and accurately described the tropical bushland, the harshness of the climate, the dangers Daniel Heiss faced, and the sheer misery of prison life. Michael was with me from the beginning, and always available to offer good solid advice.’

Carolyn Wilkinson March 4, 2016

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Confessions of a Female Private Investigator

Confessions of a Female Private Investigator, Tiffany Bond’s ‘provocative, raw, and exhilarating autobiography’.

Tiffany Bond spent nearly four years in the Queensland Police Service, a year of which was undercover in the prostitution unit. As a Private Investigator specialising in infidelity, she shares her experiences through stories designed to entertain and help people who find themselves in similar situations to those she encountered.

Tiffany Bond said: ‘Michael helped me extract happy, exciting and sometimes painful memories, and put them into a magnificently written structure.

‘My book is designed to entertain and help support people, which became a reality with Michael’s assistance. Michael was always there for me with an understanding word if needed, and his sense of humour made the whole experience an incredibly rewarding journey.

‘Michael is a skilled and competent writer and now a very good friend.’

Tiffany Bond March 7, 2016

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Time for Truth

Time for Truth – Antonio (Tony) Bellino’s authorised biography by Don Cameron
‘Time for Truth’ is the story of Brisbane’s so-called infamous Mafia Don, Antonio (Tony) Bellino, named by the Fitzgerald Inquiry as one of five people of interest who were allegedly involved in corrupting the Queensland Police Force.

Don Cameron said: ‘It is with no coincidence that the book was originally and incorrectly targeting a man’s man read only audience. Michael, your guidance in redirecting the content without taking away the underlying story to attract the female buying market was necessary and absolutely correct.

‘Time and again you told me that it was my book. You stood by this throughout your involvement in the project. For that I am very grateful, and for your easy manner and expertise.

‘I sincerely thank you for your professionalism, your guidance, and your skills.’

The Australian 22 July 2009

Brisbane Times 22 July 2009

March 7, 2016

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Hot Chocolate in Wonderland

‘I met Michael five years ago. Without him my book, “Hot Chocolate in Wonderland” would still be sitting frozen and scared stiff on my desk. Michael gave me the belief that I can write. I didn’t think I was smart enough. However, he made me have faith in myself. He’s a genius. He helped me find my protagonist ‘voices’. It was tricky because they live in her head. He then sent me packing, and away I went to do my thing. Michael helped with my re-writes—lots of them. I still flick Michael my words just to bounce them off him and to get his thoughts. He’s very honest. He ‘gets’ me and what I’m trying to express. He goes over and beyond. He’s always there for me, and he’s became a dear friend.’

Liza Brock March 14, 2016

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Me and Ms Menopause

‘As the first time author of “Me and Ms Menopause”, pub 2015, I always knew that I needed someone with expertise. It was always important to me that I sounded like me throughout my book, and Michael ensured it did. I really enjoyed working with him. He is very professional but also fun. Michael always knew what was best, even if I didn’t at the time. I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs a compassionate expert to get the very best into their book.’

Jenni Townsend March 24, 2016

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Rod’s Story

My adult children decided that I should write the story of my life, and arranged that Michael should be the person to make that happen. Michael did make it happen, despite my procrastinations at times in editing the drafts. There was also a gentle tug of war over how the story should be told, in so far as how to make an interesting/exciting story out of a Mr Average’s life. In all that, Michael’s structure for the story held up well despite some of my changes. Michael adapts well to the client’s personality, to extract a story. He is forthright and patient.

Rod Crockart March 28, 2016

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Caroline Simpson – A Woman of Very Firm Purpose

In this beautifully produced book, Caroline’s daughter, Louise, joins with writer Michael Collins to gather together the memories of some thirty interviewees. The result is a wonderfully inspiring collection celebrating the life of Caroline Simpson, OAM, through the eyes of family, friends and associates. Complemented by many photographs and by reproductions of artworks from Caroline’s personal collection, this is a portrait of a resolute, passionate, never-to-be-forgotten personality from Sydney’s recent history, a woman who overcame so much to achieve so much more.

For this project, Louise engaged the services of a professional ghostwriter and researcher, Michael Collins; over thirty interviews were conducted with Caroline’s family, friends and associates.

Michael Collins interviewed the contributors, prompted their memories, visited places of reference, and delved deeply into the Special Collections in the State Library of NSW. He has been commended for the emotional support he gave Louise Dobson, particularly at the start of the project.


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