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Welcome to MCMemoirs, where your story becomes an unforgettable book. My ghostwriting services are designed to bring your vision and dream to life, whether you choose the complete book option or the step one option.


The complete book option

For those ready to embark on the complete book journey, I offer a comprehensive three-step process. Firstly, I’ll collect your story through insightful interviews, capturing every fascinating detail. Then I’ll provide you with a sample chapter and a book outline to ignite your excitement. This step lays the foundation for a book you will be proud of.

Once the story collection is complete, I will weave your tale into the first draft of your book for us to review and mould together. We then move to the third step, creating the final draft of your book ready for your editor to prepare your book for publishing. With my expertise in storytelling, we’ll transform your experiences and ideas into a compelling narrative that resonates with readers. You’ll be amazed at how your words come alive on the pages.

Now, let’s talk about pricing. For those who are ready to commit to the complete book option, my all-inclusive package is priced at just $32,000 AUD, including GST. To get started, I require a 25% deposit, and the remaining balance can be conveniently paid over the following six months. I believe in making your dream book a reality while keeping your budget in mind.


The step one option

However, I understand that some clients prefer a more cautious approach. That’s why I offer an option to begin with step one only. For just $6,600 AUD, including GST, payable in three monthly instalments, I’ll collect a detailed outline of your life through our weekly phone conversations, provide a sample chapter, and create a book outline. This allows you to experience the quality of my work before committing to the entire process.


What next? – Contact me now!

Call me or text me at 0455 456 967, or email me at  Tell me a little about yourself so we can start collaborating and turn your story into a captivating book that will leave a lasting legacy. Together, we’ll bring your words to life and create an enduring record that will delight family and friends.



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