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One of my joys in working with clients is sharing their pleasure as memories come tumbling back, people and places from the past are remembered, and events long forgotten come to back to life. As we talk, my clients often begin to see their memories in a new light; folk may be forgiven, and wounds may be healed. I’m honoured to be a part of this process and I’m always humbled by the experience.

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Please have a look at the FAQs before calling or emailing me. I can then answer all the other questions you may have.


How big will my book be?

Unless your memoir spans several generations, or is packed full of photos, think of an average, novel-sized book of approximately 250 pages. This is a comfortable read for most people.

How long will my memoir take to write?

I’ve found that approximately ten months from start to final draft is a good pace. However, books are sometimes required urgently and shorter time frames can be arranged.

How do we do my memoir? How does it happen?

After we work out your book's content, we have a series of interviews where I phone you or our chosen interviewees, for approximately an hour at a time. I ask questions and listen to your (or our interviewees’) memories, stories, and thoughts about life. It’s a simple as that. We work out the right period between calls to allow good time for reflections and memories to crystallise, and it’s important to create the time for that. Naturally, we also factor in holidays and other commitments.

Will we need to meet?

It’s always great to meet, but it’s not always practical. I haven’t met sixty percent of my clients. Others have come to Hobart for a one-off meeting at some point, or have arranged for me to travel to wherever they are for a few days.

What about private matters that I discuss with you?

Everything you tell me is in the utmost confidence. If you decide that something you’ve told me is no longer appropriate, it is deleted. It’s your book and you decide what goes in it.

Will you need to talk with other people?

When we work on the content of your book, we list the people who would be valuable as contributors. I then contact them and ask for their help. People are usually delighted to be involved.

Who has final say on my memoir’s content?

You have the final say on what goes into your memoir.

Who designs and organises my book cover?

Unless you’re a graphic designer, it’s best to leave book cover design to the professionals. I will put you in touch with designers who will understand your needs and come up with just the right cover. If you have any ideas or preferences, they’ll take them on board too.

Is it OK for my name to be on the front cover as the author when you wrote my book?

Absolutely. Remember, these are your words, your memories, reflections, feelings, and emotions. This is all about you, and your name should be there.

How do you make my memoir sound like me?

Your voice is the most important part of your book. The way we speak does not translate well into writing, so I use my skills and experience to make your readers feel like you’re talking to them, telling your story as they read your book, while keeping everything flowing and engaging.

Who produces my book?

This depends on whether you intend to indie (self) publish, or submit your manuscript to a mainstream publisher. We discuss all the options and then you can decide on strategy. Once we have our final draft, I’m there to help with direction when and if you need it, with either submissions or pointing you in the direction of dependable and trustworthy indie publishing companies.

Can I get sued for the contents of my book?

If references to people in your book are maliciously false, or defame someone’s good name—yes. We discuss these possibilities at the outset to make sure you don’t make yourself vulnerable to any legal action.

Would you do research for me?

Yes, if you require extra research, I can do this. If this requires travel, it will incur additional expense.

How long is a memoir?

The length of your memoir depends on how much content you want to include. Surprisingly, details you may consider to be mundane may be of huge interest to your family and friends. For example, the way you were brought up, the clothes you wore, how you travelled, and how you spent your time, become more fascinating the more the years roll on.

How much will writing my memoir cost?

This depends on various factors, including the number of people you’d like me to interview apart from yourself, and the depth of research required, but the average investment in my services starts at around AUD$22,000 (inc GST).

Does the cost of writing my memoir have to be paid up front?

A deposit is required and then the balance is paid over the following months until the final draft is finished.

Are there any additional hidden costs I should know about?

Unless, by mutual agreement, I’m required to travel, there are no hidden costs during the writing of your book. Once you have your final draft, there will be further costs if you are indie (self) publishing your book and engage an editor, book cover designer, publisher etc. We discuss all the options so you can decide on an appropriate strategy.