Memoir Writing by Michael Collins

Have you had a life of adventure—shooting the rapids in Sandusky and grappling with bears in Alaska? Perhaps you’ve overcome your personal demons and want to share so that others can learn from your experience. Did the COVID-19 pandemic change your life? Have you enjoyed success, or suffered from abuse, survived trauma, or faced your fears in spectacular fashion? You may even think you’ve had an uneventful life. One way or another, you’ll have a story to tell.  Remember the old adage, ‘there’s at least one book in everyone’? Well, it’s actually true and you have one too.

Listen to Michael being interviewed on ABC RadioA memoir is all about you, where you’ve come from, how you got to where you are, and what made you the person you are today. It’s a look at your life from your perspective and how you feel about it. Some of my clients have regarded themselves as quite ordinary, and found out very differently once we’ve begun. Your memoir is important, it’s a legacy to be cherished and preserved by younger generations, and those to come. And it’s something to do before it’s too late.

Years of ghost-writing books, articles, short stories, memoirs, and biographies have helped to develop my empathy, humour, and listening skills—attributes always appreciated by my clients and their readers. Combine those skills with you, and we have a team. Together, and in total confidence, we collaborate to create the story of your life, and make your memoir, a reality.

Memoir Writing by Michael Collins, books, ghostwriting
How do we begin?
You and I spend some time talking about your memoir by phone, exploring its potential and establishing a storyline. This is an exciting and important step in giving you confidence and realising your book’s potential.

How do we create your memoir?
After we work out the focus of your book (whether you choose a print book or audio book), I phone you, or our chosen interviewees, every week for about an hour. I ask questions, guide you and listen to your (or our interviewees’) memories, stories, and thoughts about life. It’s a simple as that. A week between calls allows good time for reflections and memories to crystallise, so it’s important to create the time for that. Naturally, we also factor in holidays and other commitments.

What now?
Go to the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.