Memoir Writing by Michael Collins

Your memoir is all about you: where you’ve come from, how you got to where you are, and what made you the person you are today.  It’s a legacy to be cherished and preserved by younger generations, as well as those to come. And it’s something to do before it’s too late!

Years of ghost-writing books, articles, short stories, memoirs, and biographies have helped to develop my empathy, humour, and listening skills—attributes always appreciated by my clients and their readers. 

So let’s collaborate to create the story of your life and make your memoir a reality.


Our first step is to meet by phone to talk about your memories in general and establish an outline of your story. It’s exciting to begin to see the shape of your book at such an early stage, and to get a feeling for your book’s full potential.

We then focus on fleshing out your story through a series of phone calls where I ask you questions and guide you through exploring your memories, stories, and thoughts about life. You may want me to chat with other people who can contribute to your story: many clients find this an invaluable avenue for adding rich detail to their story.

Each phone call generally lasts about an hour, and most people choose weekly phone calls because they find a week between chats allows time for their reflections and memories to crystallise. 

I then write the first draft of your book for us to discuss together and make any changes before I write your final draft.

Once you have the final draft you have everything you need for your editor to prepare your book for publishing.



Contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.