Collective Clutter

My wife is helping a friend declutter her office today. This morning I was being helpful, insomuch as I was held incommunicado but within hailing distance ready to be called upon to advise on technical matters.

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Writing and driving

I will be forever grateful to the Brisbane City Council and the Department of Main Roads for their unswerving ability to coordinate the flow of vehicles from one set of traffic lights to another on weekends.

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What sort of ghost?

“So, what sort of ghosts do you write about?”

Strangely enough, that’s a fairly common question in social situations when I tell people that I’m a ghost writer by profession.

Of course my explanation has to be carefully crafted.

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What are you worth?

On the phone I listen to a plaintive plea from a good friend, ‘How much will I charge?’ and understand exactly how my caller is feeling. Sally has someone interested in her writing skills and has come to the dilemma all writers-for-hire must face at some time in their careers – what to charge.

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