Sucking the life out of words

I’ve been engaged on a couple of major projects over the last three months, diverting my attention from bloggy matters, so I’m going to post the start of one of Marc Ensign’s articles here. Never heard of him? Well, he’s well worth a read.



‘There was a time not long ago when Shakespearean English was the vernacular of choice. We beseech’d. We doth’d. And of course we twas’d and thy’d as we went about our day.

Until recently. And by recently, I mean a couple of hundred years ago. Something like that.

Historians would have you believe that the language evolved. That it matured to what it is today. But that’s not the real story.

This is the Real Story

It was the late 1600′s. At the center of town was a beautiful tree. Almost cartoonish… more at Marc’s site






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